Specialists in the clearance and redevelopment of brownfield land.

We are able to offer prospective purchasers of potential development sites fixed price proposals to undertake all necessary design and build earthworks and remediation to render the site suitable for the proposed development. Professional Remediation Ltd is able to remove all risk of unforeseen development costs associated with the ground and can provide cost certainty to the client.

Professional Remediation Limited is a design and build contracting organisation and therefore able to ensure that the design for the works considers the cost of the works as well as the technical requirements. Professional Remediation Ltd is regularly employed by developers to engineer the earthworks and remediation of the site to ensure that the works are sympathetic to the proposed development.

Professional uses its earthworks modelling expertise to ensure that the optimum design for the development is achieved, whilst considering costs associated with foundations and retaining walls etc. This approach often allows for the retention of all development arisings on site, thus negating the requirement for costly off-site disposal and associated landfill tax.

We are able to assess development land by taking a holistic approach to remediation, development levels, foundations and waste arisings to minimise abnormal development costs across the whole project rather than just focusing on a single discipline.

Professional Remediation Ltd specialises in the on-site treatment of contaminated soils and groundwater, providing cost and programme certainty using a variety of techniques licensed by the Environment Agency, enabling all types of contamination to be treated.

Professional Remediation Ltd approach remedial and preparatory works considering the requirements of the client and phased release of remediated areas, fully validated and in receipt of regulatory approval. This ensures that developers can progress construction works at the earliest opportunity, minimising exposure to costs associated with work in progress.

Early and continuous liaison with regulators such as the Environment Agency, Local (Planning) Authority and the warranty providers such as the NHBC ensures that remediation works receive early approval enabling discharge of relevant planning conditions and NHBC red conditions. This can also be applied to the phased release to developers allowing construction works and in some case sales or occupation to be progressed whilst remedial works are undertaken discreetly in other portions of the site.

Our remediation services include:

  • Assessment of site investigation data and remedial strategy design
  • Topographical survey and ground modelling to determine optimum earthworks solution
  • Earthworks to achieve development levels
  • Treatment of soil and ground water contamination
  • Provision of cover and barrier systems to inhibit contamination migration