Our surveying, asbestos removal, demolition and remediation services enable our clients to purchase and develop brownfield land with confidence and surety that abnormal development costs are agreed before acquisition and that remedial schemes are implemented with full regulatory approval.

Specialists in the clearance and redevelopment of brownfield land.

We are able to offer prospective purchasers of potential development sites fixed price proposals to undertake all necessary design and build earthworks and remediation to render the site suitable for the proposed development.

By offering this service, Professional Remediation Ltd is able to remove all risk of unforeseen development costs associated with the ground and can provide cost certainty to the client.

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Demolition, asbestos removal and soft strip specialists.

We are able to undertake demolition works on any project and our team have extensive experience of all aspects of controlled demolition. Our staff have a thorough understanding of all relevant legislation and industry standards and a safe, practical approach to the implementation of these codes of practice.

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Topographic Surveying and Setting Out Specialists

Utilising the latest surveying technologies, Professional Surveying offers a wide range of land surveys and engineering solutions for the accurate assessment of land both pre and post-sale for the use by designers and planners to progress the development.

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