All work carried out by Professional Group conforms to the practice of sustainable development and we are able to ensure that developers can demonstrate a proactive approach to waste minimisation.

We produce Materials Management Plans detailing the expected volumes of waste likely to be generated by the works and our efforts to minimise waste production.

The following waste materials generated during demolition works are removed from site for recycling, thus reducing the requirement for landfilling: Plasterboard, Timber, Metal, Brick, Slates, Slabs and foundations (recycled as secondary aggregates)

Remediation activities are undertaken in a way too minimise off-site disposal of surplus materials by careful earthworks modelling. This can include careful creation of void areas to enable retention of development arisings.

Professional Group specialises in the use of on-site treatment for soil and groundwater, mitigating the requirement for the unsustainable costly off-site disposal. Furthermore, use of site won materials as engineered fill beneath highways and piling mats reduces the requirement for importation of quarried material, increasing sustainability and reducing costs. Typically we recycle around 98% of materials found on site.